Ondo 2024: PRP Candidate, Deputy Make INEC List, Cleared to Contest

Ondo 2024: PRP Candidate, Deputy Make INEC List, Cleared to Contest

Ondo 2024: PRP Candidate, Deputy Make INEC List, Cleared to Contest

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has officially released the final list of candidates for the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo State, confirming the inclusion of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) candidates.

Comrade Babatunde Francis Alli, the PRP Governorship Candidate, and his running mate, Hon. Olusegun Famesa, have been cleared by INEC to contest in the upcoming election. This development marks a significant milestone for the PRP as they gear up to participate in the crucial electoral contest.

Comrade Babatunde Francis Alli, a seasoned politician and activist, is known for his dedication to social justice and grassroots development. His deputy, Hon. Olusegun Famesa, currently serves as the Secretary of the PRP in Ondo State and is recognized for his strong leadership and unwavering commitment to the party’s principles.

Together, Alli and Famesa have articulated a clear vision for Ondo State, aiming to address the issues of poverty and underdevelopment that have long plagued the region. They are determined to implement policies that will transform the state’s socio-economic landscape and improve the quality of life for its residents.

In a statement, the PRP expressed confidence in their candidates’ ability to “redeem Ondo State from its pauperized state” and govern in accordance with the party’s core values of integrity, accountability, and equitable development. The party’s manifesto emphasizes sustainable development, improved healthcare, educational reforms, and robust infrastructure development as key areas of focus.

The 2024 governorship election in Ondo State promises to be a pivotal moment, with the PRP candidates poised to offer a compelling alternative to the electorate. Voters will have the opportunity to choose leaders committed to transformative change and the upliftment of the state’s socio-economic status.

As the election date approaches, the focus now shifts to the campaign trail, where Comrade Babatunde Francis Alli and Hon. Olusegun Famesa will seek to convince the people of Ondo State that they are the right choice to lead the state into a prosperous future.

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