2nd Year Anniversary: Akogun Olugbenga Omole set to empower Constituents

2nd Year Anniversary: Akogun Olugbenga Omole set to empower Constituents

Honoring the mandate given to him by the good people of Akoko South West Constituency 1, Akogun Olugbenga Omole has risen to the occasion by justifying the faith and trust which the people have bequeathed in him which saw him elected as a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly.

The past two years in the constituency has seen him birthing various laudable and highly commendable projects and initiatives which have in no small measure directly impacted the lives of the people of this constituency.

His enviable personality traits have won him a place in the heart of many people in Ondo state. His integrity par excellence through diligent and honest execution of assignments speaks volume about his competence, dependability and loyalty. Akogun, as he is called by his admirers, has become a household name in the Social and Political Sphere in Ondo State.

Bringing representation closer to the people, as a people oriented and grassroot politician, he has leveraged on the various resources which comes with his office and that of his personal businesses to effect the much needed change in Akoko South West Constituency 1 and to the delight of the people, the narrative has been changed for the better with his highly strategic and purposeful leadership approach.

This week marks his second year in office as a Lawmaker in the Ondo State House of Assembly and his time so far has been blessed and filled with numerous achievements which are highly commendable.

Among his laudable achievements is the presentation of operational vehicles to Oka Youth Forum and the Nigerian Union of Teachers in Akoko South West.

The Lawmaker while presenting the vehicles stated that the donation was done in fulfilment of his campaign promises to the Teachers and his Love for the Youth.

Also he has been sponsoring an Annual Football Competition in his constituency which has been a way of empowering the Youths.This year edition is billed to be on a bigger form.The Annual Football Competition is a platform designed to discovering budding football talents in the grassroots.

The lockdown caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic also saw the lawmaker coming out to exhibit his humanitarian and generosity traits by donating to the people of his constituency various palliatives to cushion the effect of the lockdown policy which had put a great strain on the economic stability of many people.

He also as part of his contributions in complementing the activities of the Ondo State Government in cushioning the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by rolling out various palliatives for the people.

He went on an aggressive media awareness to sensitise the people about the need to fully observe the Covid-19 Protocols.

Also,through his partnership with an Indian who is a United Nation Awardee,the founder of Breaking the Silence,Urmila Chanam an expert in menstrual hygiene organized workshops in selected Secondary Schools in Ondo State, he was able to reach out to young people especially in the Special Schools on the advocacy of taking their wellness into high priority.

Akogun facilitated life changing projects in his constituency, some have been completed while majority will be delivered before his third year in Office.

The Peoples Honourable as he is popularly referred to in his constituency has given employment to a quite number of youths in Oka and this has endeared him more to the Youths whom he has made his priority since he assumed office.

He has two bills sponsored by him which will be in the public domain soon.

In celebrating his second year in office in a couple of days from now the highly proactive lawmaker has marked out a number of activities through which he aims to reach out to his people, giving back to them in the process.

Items already procured to be distributed to hundreds of his Constituents includes Sewing Machines,Grinding Machines, Generating Sets, Clippers, Spraying Machines,Agricultural inputs and so on.

Akogun has always been there for his people even before occupying the office he occupied today and testimonies of this abounds in all the nooks and crannies of Oka.

A case in study is the role he played in the crisis that erupted between Supare Community and Oka Farmers which saw him coming to the aid of the Farmers in various forms even before the State Government appointed him to be a member of Committee to resolve the crisis.Today the Farmers are back in their farms and they are giving kudos to Akogun and the State Government.

For the people of Akoko South West Constituency 1 they have never had it so good as they can now proudly beat their chests of having a lawmaker who is indeed committed to their growth and advancement as individuals and as a community of progressive People.

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