World Poetry Day: Goke Williams Eulogies Mandela With a Poem

World Poetry Day: Goke Williams Eulogies Mandela With a Poem

Comrade Goke Williams, a young African author, has sung the praises of late Nelson Mandela with the poem titled: The Man: Nelson Mandela, to celebrate the World Poetry Day for 2022. The epic poem, which comprises six stanzas with thirty lines, examines the life and death of the first democratically elected president of South Africa. The poem is rich in literary devices blended with brilliant rhyme schemes. It captures the heroic deeds of the African son and the internationally recognised figure, who relentlessly in the face of stiff opposition, fought the apartheid government in South Africa to a standstill.

Earlier, the poet has posted on his Facebook page named Comrade Goke Williams, saying he had resolved to be celebrating heroic personalitie(s) who have contributed immensely to humanity, especially on the World Poetry Day annually. He further opioned that the move was devoid of religion, colour and race. He concluded: ” I started last year with Barack Obama. Watch out for this year 2022.”

This versatile writer hails from Akure, the Ondo State capital, born into the family of Fagorola. Goke was an aspirant of the House of Representatives in Akure North/South Federal Constituency, one of the newly elected executive of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Ondo State Chapter and a national exofficio member of the prestigious Oyemekun Grammar School Akure Alumni Association. His works include a book: Bible Books Proper Pronunciation, endorsed by the President of the Bible Society of Nigeria and Ondo State Ministry of Education, a motivational CD: You Are the World Greatest etc.

The World Poetry Day is celebrated annually on the 21st of March.

*The Man: Nelson Mandela

First black president of South Africa

Human rights lawyer, political prisoner, peace maker and world changer

Nelson: charged with treason

And for twenty seven years in prison

Still pursued and fullfiled a four–decade ambition abandoned

  1. Really, dogged, and from the childhood; he started

Vigil kept for days for you to recover

Yes, to live forever

If all wishes were realities, people will decree you live forever

  1. Always your memories live in Africa, our Noble Peace Prize winner

Sentenced to life imprisonment

Yet became a president

Hope restored, yes!

Fought for equity, dignity and liberty against poverty for humanity

Long Walk to Freedom–the indicator of sacrifice before success

  1. And that nothing good comes easy

Not just a nationalist and philanthropist, but an activist who fought segregation

Timely went he ahead for negotiation

That birthed transition and transformation

  1. Changed the world with the power of education–this is to us–motivation

Alone without home

Fighting for freedom

With fear, you fought fear

Unyielding as the Rock of Gibraltar

Extraordinary, revolutionary and visionary thou art, Mandela!

  1. I, the poet, will also inspire change like the Rolihlahla of Madiba

You made history

Birthday turns the International Day

Gave the Black victory

  1. Reader, what would turn your birthday?

(c) Goke Williams, 2022

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