World Poetry Day: A Young African Author Celebrates Obama with a Poem

World Poetry Day: A Young African Author Celebrates Obama with a Poem

A poem captures the creative spirit of the human mind. A young African author-cum-poet, Goke Williams, has written an epic poem titled: The Legend, to mark 2021 World Poetry Day. The poem is written in honor of the former US president, Barack Obama. It is a poem of 44 lines which symbolises the Obama’s ranking in the presidency list. The budding poet celebrates the life and heroic deeds of the African-American role model. Goke, who goes into in dept research, gives vivid description of the black hero’s backgrounds, careers, skills and attributes. The verses are carefully constructed in beautiful rhyme schemes blended with rich figures of speech.
The intelligent young man had earlier in 2016 authored a book, Bible Books Proper Pronunciation with CD; having comments of great achievers_among whom was Barack Obama. His work also includes a life changing motivational audio CD, You Are the World Greatest, which features the comment of the Nigerian vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, about his first book. Goke Williams is one of the youngest and finest African speakers and writers. At 23, he graduated from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he bagged a first degree with honors in Linguistics/English. He is also a graduate of International Relations, born into the family of Fagorola in Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria.
The World Poetry Day is declared by UNESCO in 1999 and it is celebrated annually on the 21 March. It is aimed at supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard. A man who pays respect to the great; paves the way for his own greatness — the golden words of Chinua Achebe.

          The Legend
 First black holder of the US highest office
 Second to none
 Leadership with difference
  1. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Obama, Sr., and Ann.

Malia’s father; reader, author, writer,

Father of Natasha; researcher, reformer, editor, senator, lecturer,

Lawyer married lawyer

Present president producer

Most prestigious global award winner

  1. I talk of the O’ Bomber. Cultured in multiplicity, epitome of possibility, embodiment of impeccability, paragon of nobility, Communicator par excellence
    Couldn’t be prouder to appreciate you is humanity
  2. Eloquence with substance. How great thou art, pride of Africa! Pride of America! You’re a jinx-breaker, mind-blower, world-changer, pathfinder, pacesetter, go-getter… Hundreds of thousands gather To listen to you from nearer and farther
  3. Like a scorching sun, this global son shines; brighter and brighter. Left handed, but right minded Parents separated, yet; vision united Star; from descending, ascending — eye-catching, breathtaking, mind-blowing
  4. Truly, to what we can achieve is no limit if we keep keeping fighting. Equality fighter, how I wish our paths crossed soonest If this hope dies, life is a one-winged bird; who flies not I must meet this political wizard, then, shall all of my dreams fulfilled With pride and humility I shall be telling of the tête-a-tête to the entire world With elation shall I receive the invitation. Unequaled and unparalleled amongst peers .
  5. Popularizer of: Yes, We Can, indeed, we did; power of the black. Meeting him in person will be the poet’s happiest tears Comely, cool, calm and collected Audacity, sagacity, and tenacity reside in his abode His overwhelming personality
  6. Makes the poet a glowing entity. Mentor and mirror to the young Smart in stature, graceful in walking, and helpful in loving The poet’s love is true for you People lining in thousands welcoming you What a rarest gift not only to the Africa; but to the world! You have made us proud!
  7. I must meet this political wizard… Barry, Barry, Barry, marry me off to a heroine, tarry not, carry me; cause I’m a lame duck! And you are my good luck! I write of no other legend but: the 44th President of the US, Barack Hussein Obama — that is his name!
  8. Man of fame! (c) Goke Williams, 2021 Phone Number: 08066768407 Facebook: Goke Williams

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