Owolabi Adelami: A Narrative Changer
By Olaseeni Oyesusi

A man isn’t the one with the so-called masculine energy. He is an embodiment of intellectual capabilities, enviable character, loyalty, competence, integrity and dependability.

Chief Olayide Owolabi Adelami has all the narratives of a complete gentleman. He is an astute politician and someone who has the interest of people at heart. He represents peace and determination to right the wrongs of past years and he is an embodiment of success everywhere he goes.

Owolabi Adelami is a goal-getter and someone who won’t rest until people realise their God-given potentials. His guiding principle lies in his passion to bring relief, peace and happiness into the minds of everyone he’s got in contact with. No wonder his impeccable traits have kindled his love like fire in the hearts of everyone he’s worked with throughout his glistering career.

Adelami is a philanthropist who will not rest until the needs of his people are attended to. The support he gets each time he addresses his people is not unconnected to his selfless humanitarian service. He is the people’s choice and someone who can be trusted to put an end to all the ills and societal problems confronting the people of Ondo state.

He demonstrated this when he served as the Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly (NASS) by putting smiles on the faces of his people each time they come calling for his help. He is never tired of pulling his people out of the stagnant pool of poverty and he knows exactly all it takes to change the narratives of the people of Ondo State when he becomes the governor.

Chief Adelami is a rare breed. He never wanted to venture into politics after his retirement but his outstanding success everywhere he worked was a huge light at the back of the tunnel. His enviable character and intellectual capabilities always speak for him and this was why he was invited by the presidency to coordinate the Ondo State presidential task force during the presidential election. He was chosen to help reconcile and complement the efforts of the APC in the state because of his high level of integrity and dependability.

Despite the fact that this was his first exposure to politics, he was able to coordinate the 18 local government areas of the state and reconciled aggrieved members to work for the interest of the party in the elections, and the result was a massive one. During this period, he had direct contact with the people of the state and the rural dwellers and he learned their yearnings which bothered mostly on poverty alleviation.

Olayide Adelami has been properly groomed in the areas of finance, resources and people management. He knows the right way to manage people and turn the tides of the state around for good. His 10-point agenda for the state are centered on making life better and profitable for the people of the state and are borne out of the genuine needs of the people.

His first agenda is rooted in agriculture since majority of people in the state specialise in agriculture. He intends to restructure the sector and make it enticing and economical viable, not only for the government but also the people who practise it.

Born over 6 decades into the modest family of Oluka Oribokun by Pa and Mrs Amos Adelami in Owo, Ondo State, Chief Olayide Owolabi Adelami has grown to be a gracious ambassador of Owo and Ondo state people at large. He is a Chartered Accountant and he had a meritorious career in the Federal Civil Service.

Chief Adelami attended the prestigious Imade College in Owo and later proceeded to the Polytechnic Ibadan for his A’Levels. He bagged his BSc degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos and his MBA in Ogun State University. His quest for greatness fueled his passion to become a Chartered Accountant and a distinguished member of numerous professional bodies such as the Certified National Accountant, the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, the Nigerian Institute of Management, the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supplies Management of Nigeria, among others.

Philanthropist Owolabi Adelami has attended local and international courses across the world, including the prestigious Harvard Business School, USA.
Upon completion of the mandatory National Youth Service program in June 1983, he joined the Federal Civil Service as Accountant II and he was deployed to work at the Treasury Department in the office of the Accountant General of the Federation, and later became a pioneer finance staff of the then National Assembly or the Constituent Assembly as it was known in 1988.

In the discharge of his duties, he has had the singular privilege of setting up the Finance and Accounts Department of the National Assembly as we have come to know it. In 1996, he was invited to help in setting up the Accounts Department of the Petroleum Special Trust Fund (PTF). After completion of this task, he was called upon to serve at the Family Support Trust Fund.

On this note, Adelami has been tested and trusted to manage the affairs in the state. He is not one of the politicians that don’t even know what governance is all about. He has garnnerd enough experience and fitness before his retirement at the National Assembly, Abuja.

Adelami will be accessible and approachable as he is comfortable listening to criticism and advise. This, he will also accommodate even from the opposition if he becomes the number one citizen of the state.

On this note, the fact that Ondo State will definitely get it right if Adelami becomes the Governor is an understatement. He is set to change the narrative.

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