“Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. ”

Lord Acton, who made this famous quote definitely had ‘Hon.’ Hakeem Jamiu, the Deputy Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly in mind when he made that statement. So apt!

As it stands, we can only pray Hakeem Jamiu would never become the Governor of Ekiti State or the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria lest he tries to make all citizens live in awe of him due to his power-drunk tendencies in recent times.

For since he became the Deputy Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, he has been trying to intimidate, threaten and blackmail all those he perceived as enemies-real and imagined, but they are mostly imagined-to submission.

I had the misfortune of knowing this fiend during the run ups to Governor John Kayode Fayemi’s reelection in 2018. Knowing him for what he is, I had deliberately avoided him until I unavoidably had to meet him just one and last time.

I executed some construction projects along the Itaji-Ayede road. After the inauguration of HE Kayode Fayemi, I was reliably told that Jamiu said that I shall never get the money for the contract paid. This was borne out of no logical reason but his inborn guile! For me, this is water off a duck’s back and pedestrian because if the incumbent government refused to pay, successive governments shall definitely pay for a job well done. I shrugged this off even when I had spent vast personal resources at all levels of campaign to ensure the success of HE Kayode Fayemi. In spite of these, Jamiu swore that he would not live to see me anywhere near the government or the Government House. These held no water since I have personal businesses and interests to pursue.

And then came the bombshell: Jamiu alleged that I wanted to rape him!

How would I want to rape any man? Even if I had wanted to do that, would it be with the psychotic and clearly demented Jamiu with bad oral hygiene?! Graciously for me and unfortunately for him, he was reprimanded at all circles where he tried to spin his fallacious tales.

Jamiu, using his office also went as far as wanting to have a Bench Warrant issued against me. I had a running battle against the Fayose government over my house on one hand and the Ekiti State Traffic Management Authority on the other hand and both were subjects of litigation in court. The creepy Jamiu, conscious of this wanted to use both cases to his own vainglorious ‘advantage’ seeking to get me behind bars and out of circulation! Is this the legislative assignment his constituency elected him to do?

When all his evilly antics wouldn’t work, Jamiu went as far as contacting organizations that I had worked with over the years, some spanning over a decade to bring me into disrepute. The good thing nevertheless is that none of them fell for his tricks as I have never failed to live up to expectations with all organizations I worked with!

Not done, Jamiu asked the police to arrest me for insulting and calling him out on social media. What impudence! He went as far as recruiting thugs and miscreants for the Abimbola Project aimed at ensuring I am taken out of circulation. I ask, is Jamiu an Emperor or Absolute Monarch? While I am not afraid of him or his hoodlums, it is imperative to let people know of this latent killer disguised and cloaked in the garments of an honourable member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly.

I wouldn’t have taken Jamiu’s antics and juvenile ways seriously but it is pertinent to let the world know that we have a new Emperor in Ekiti who could go all out to attack, maim or even kill those who are in his wrong books. Ekiti is a land of valour and honour and nobody must be allowed to dip such values into the mud!

Abimbola writes from Ekiti

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