2023: God is set to change the Narrative iin Nigeria – Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo

2023: God is set to change the Narrative iin Nigeria – Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo

2023: God is set to change the Narrative iin Nigeria – Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo

By Olaseeni Oyesusi

  • Celebrates Birthday with Thanksgiving

    Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo, the General Overseer of Jesus Prayer Ministry International has stated that the 2023 elections results will shock everyone as God himself is set to be involved.
    The Prophet made this known during his Birthday celebration which took place recently at his Church headquarters, Ajebamidele, Ado- Ekiti.

Explaining why he decided to celebrate his Birthday in such an elaborate way, the prophet said he was only acting on the dictate of the Bible which says
“we should count our days” He described the Birthday celebration as marvelous as he saw God on the throne. He also said he saw people happy and rejoicing. “I’m happy and I can feel the Peace, I can see the love in people’s faces, I give glory to God Almighty for how far he has kept me and the church. You can’t receive anything unless received by God. I’m happy to be alive today, we didn’t record any death from the church, neither among my family’. He said.

Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo said even though the enemies will definitely want to strike, “they actually struck but Got took the glory”.

When asked how and where he would want to celebrate the next Birthday, Prophet Temitope said the next one will probably be celebrated in either United Kingdom or United States of America as works are seriously ongoing to establish parishes of the church there.
In the main time, Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo has declared that 2023 Presidential election will be handled by God Almighty himself. He said God has heard the pleas of his people and he is set to take over the affairs.
“God himself is set to take charge just like Israelites in Egypt. God is set and no one can come as obstacle. 2023 will be according to the dictate of God. People should vote for the best, I will implore the electorate not to sell their votes, they should vote for people with achiavable programs, they should vote for honest and wise aspirants”.
Meanwhile, Pastor Oluwasegun Olagunju who delivered the Birthday sermon has said that whosoever anyone comes in contact with, that.there is always a purpose. He described his encounter with the Prophet as divine. The Kaduna based clergy wished the General Overseer well on his Birthday and urged him to continue with the pastoral work as the rewards come in earnest. “I wish him all the best in life, the journey is not easy, people will speak bad about him, but God will always be there for him.
Also speaking, Prohetess Adenike said it shall be well with the Prophet. She said she wished him all the best on his Birthday. “I wish him happy birthday. No power will stop him to achieve his goals in Jesus name. He is a very caring and good father to all”.
In the same vein, Evangelist Idowu Olaoluwa has described Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun as a real man of God that has been delivering people from the bondage of Satan and the enemies. She prayed for God to continue to use him.

However, Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo was born at Iworoko Town, Ekiti State, Nigeria on the 20th of November, 1970.
He attended Iworoko Primary School, Okunsusi Jemiluyi and Iworoko Community High School, Ekiti.
He proceeded to Community High School, for his Secondary Education between 1987 and 1993.
Prophet Temitope attended College of Education, Ikere Ekiti,. where he studied Accounting, Double Major at the Department of Education and graduated in the year 2000.
When Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun first had the encounter of Holy Ghost at a very tender age of 8, people thought he was mad. They said it was not normal for a young lad to stay indoors for 3 or 4 days praying. They thought he was insane
because, he could stay indoors for days without talking to anyone and would be praying and speaking in tongues. So, they concluded that he was not mentally okay. Sometimes, he would go to the mountain and even sleep over.
Then, he used to visit different Churches especially when Holy Ghost wanted to work through him. He used to attend Evangelical Church of Ministry, Liberty Church and so on. Prophet was just 8 years old when all this started. God was using him to the extent that everybody around his area was calling him a Pastor even at eight years old.
So, when he gained admission into Ekiti State College of Education, he was appointed the Vice President of the Fellowship that he was attending then. That was Mountain of Fire and Miracle Church. Prophet later became the President of the Fellowship. It was at this very time that Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo heard the voice of God that he should found his own Church even when he was still in School.
Meanwhile, one day, a small child fainted around where he was leaving in Ikere. They took the child somewhere to resurrect him but didn’t meet the herbalist.
Surprisingly, her Landlady, said she had someone that could revive the boy. She asked them to bring the child to Prophet. So, they brought the child to the house and immediately he saw the child, he wanted to run away because the child was already half dead but his Landlady collected the child and gave him. As at that time Prophet was shivering and afraid because he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. But, miraculously, as soon as Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun Adeseemo collected the child, the child that had been lifeless came back to life. That was how unplanned church came into being. They just turned the place to revival ground till today and that was exactly how Jesus Prayer Ministry started.
Because of this, It was difficult for him to graduate from school as people didn’t allow him to concentrate on his studies. But, at last, he graduated.
One of his powerful testimonies was the case of an Aged childless couple. He met the husband at Abuja Airport and told him that he should be expecting a set of triplets. The man was afraid and told Prophet Temitope that his wife was old. Prophet told him that notwithstanding, God said they would have a set of Triplets. The man laughed on hearing this.This was because as at that time, the wife was more than 50 years old and had reached menopause.
Prophet Temitope Oluwaseun prayed with the couple and the wife took in that very month and nine months after, she gave birth to a set of Triplets.
In the next 25 Years, his wishes are to have taken the Ministry round the globe, to be a source of socour to the less privilege and to be operating the biggest charity home around the world. He wishes to establish free Education for the less privilege and to give food to for widows and the destitute.

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