The People of Ondo State Have Anointed Ayedatiwa

The People of Ondo State Have Anointed Ayedatiwa

The People of Ondo State have Anointed Aiyedatiwa

By Moyosola Niran Oladunni

In the midst of swirling speculations and conflicting narratives surrounding the political landscape of Ondo State, one narrative rings clear—the voice of the people. Amidst reports of rifts and divisions within political camps, the resounding sentiment on the ground is the collective endorsement of Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa as the people’s choice for the gubernatorial seat.

While various factions vie for influence and assert their perspectives on the political trajectory of the state, it is imperative to prioritize the voice of the majority—the everyday citizens of Ondo State. Beyond the discourse of individual endorsements and personal allegiances, the paramount concern should be the collective will of the people, reflecting their aspirations and desires for effective governance.

In contrast to the narratives of a singular “anointed candidate,” the prevailing sentiment among the populace is the call for a leader who embodies the values and aspirations of the broader society—a leader who prioritizes the needs and concerns of the people above individual interests. Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa emerges as a candidate who symbolizes this collective ethos—a leader chosen by and for the people.

As the political landscape evolves and narratives continue to shift, it is essential to anchor the discourse on the fundamental principles of democracy—representation and accountability to the people. Rather than succumbing to the rhetoric of factional politics, the focus should remain steadfast on the endorsement and mandate of the majority—the true voice of Ondo State.
Meanwhile, the reasons for this are not far fetched, he has been workers friendly since he became the Governor by paying 35,000 wage allowance consistently, promotion of workers including the newly inaugurated Permanent Secretaries, rehabilitation of roads including the ongoing projects embarked upon by his Principal and late Governor, his readiness to turn things around and so on

On this note, it is obvious that In the forthcoming gubernatorial election, the people of Ondo State have the opportunity to assert their collective will and shape the future of their state. It is a moment to transcend individual agendas and unite behind a candidate who embodies the hopes and aspirations of the populace—a candidate who will govern not as a solitary figure but as a servant of the people, accountable to their needs and aspirations. Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa stands poised to fulfill this role, representing the collective voice and aspirations of the people of Ondo State.

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