The difference in Alex Oluremi Ajipe

By The Mileage

This time, and I dare say, this clime, harbours the stance that this generation is doomed to fail. For the obvious reasons. Though we love to worry hitherto about this veracity, yet those who hold the viewpoint fetch possible premises in the virtually ubiquitous lethargy of the youth, the pervasive unintelligence that now has masked many. And such a long list of scars.

Sour still, similar impression has conveniently labelled a generation as hopeless and hard to hope on; one the older stock would give out as intellectually depleted and easily written off for want of substance. Others call it a spontaneous generation, vainly and irredeemably indulging self in profanity of thoughts, mental inanities and live carelessly on the plane of passing pleasures.

On the whole, while the testimonial stinks, poignantly, and records a pitiful, hapless portrayal of a kind, the summation becomes tangential and rendered its own rating a mere, hurried opinion, more so that it renders the possibility of talents as noneexistent and reserves no real place for the lustrous actors. Not all of this stock is without worth after all. Its part wrought evident worth on the planet and lead sturdy laurels, albeit a few.

Yet the few talents reside on the lean but lustrous lane. The route houses the fewest who saw worth of work ahead of their own, who thrive on diligence and would labour while others loaf and revel indolently. A class of difference where success drives dealings, where penchant for profundity of thoughts takes supreme seat. Class who bear the torch, who dares to rekindle blinking corporate future and repeatedly retract a generation from final despondent descriptions.

The guy behind the noun Alex Oluremi Ajipe belongs here. And rightly so. Here is long distance runner whose meteoric rising to influence – and perhaps affluence- has given out as a dipstick for contemporary success. While not perching on business performances and dexterity for measuring, not harping on height of ingenuity and creativity, or his philanthropic handlings, the star boy, who has given primacy of place to youth mentoring, good governance advocacy and capacity enhancement has carved a niche, on the strength of cheer hard work and resolve to rise.

Not the putative product of certain accidental acquisitions or such careless conceits, not such common candidate of wishful calculations. Alex did not just perch on the present rung out of the blues, what he has turned is but a stout result of progressive adventures. A guy who helped to facilitate the establishment of Nigeria’s stout industries like Winwin textile, Wewood factory which specialize in the production high density fiber, medium density fiber, low density fiber, agro chemicals, paper mill and a cassava to ethanol factory must be a rare breed.

A genius he must be who is plays evident and critical roles in the industrialization of South-West Nigeria, who parades intimidating credentials and scholarly records in businesses, industry and academic excellence, whose wizardry did help to increase the revenue of states, bring institutions and individuals into the tax net of Nigeria and facilitated the establishment of Dong Feng motors, Africa’s first automobile assembly plant.

The writer, in either asking or answering the making of this heights Ajipe has reached, may not achieve exactitude, but what is true is his addiction to certain axiomatic principles that has pointed helped in advancing both personal and professional presence. Persistent, unfailing principles of diligence, hard work and, of course, courage.

While growing up, we learned the letterings of related invaluable maxim to such extent that ‘It’s not life that matters but the courage ones puts to it.’ We did memorise the rich aphorism which was meant to motivate but would make no pointed impact for one was too young, understandably, to receive the imports if the invaluable propping. Later life would return to one, as adults, with the full weight and worth of the principle.

We were told, also, growing up, that life is not a bed of roses. We learned the line by heart but would not know its consequence early enough. Life, by itself exposes, trains and teaches through tests and vicissitudes while gradually nurturing the tough through its rungs. And that’s how courage counts in the sojourn Ajipe has chosen.

The FUTA trained Klick Konnect Managing Director with chain of businesses has appointments on revenue generation for Ondo State Ministry of Natural Resources, consultancy to the Ministry of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, and on strategic implementation of some critical infrastructural project for the same ministry on the production of portable water scheme to several communities in Ondo State, among other strategic assignments.

Panelist at the 74th United Nations General Assembly business round table in New York, Alex is doing a generation proud and acting to disprove despondent stand point about his stock. He is Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria, the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria, and Doctor of Business administration and management; West Africa Union University Cotonou, Benin Republic.

A humble holder of Diploma in Project management Cologne Business school, Germany, Ajipe seats as Chairman of the Board of Directors of different foreign and indigenous companies, causing ceaseless distinctions.

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