My Agenda is to Develop Ondo State – Morayo Lebi

My Agenda is to Develop Ondo State – Morayo Lebi

… Draws Blueprint for Revenue generation

… Vowed to tackle Unemployment, Power Outage

A leading aspirant of the All Progressive Congress APC for the Ondo governorship election, Barrister Morayo Lebi has rolled out his plans for the people of Ondo state, and his reasons for contesting for the forthcoming Governorship election in the State.

Disclosing this in a media Parley with Press men in Akure the state Capital, Barrister Morayo said that Ondo state is rich enough in mineral resources that could cater for everybody. He explained that he wants to develop the State and this initiated his move to offer himself for service.

” I have the pedigree to move the state to the next level in terms of all rounds development, I will prioritize all round development.” He said.

Furthermore, Morayo, a law practitioner said “we have enough resources every where in the state that could be explored to develop the state, waiting for the monthly allocation from the Federal government that would not be enough to move the state to the next level is not the best, it is time to look inward and generate money that will be used to develop the state.”

Speaking further, Barrister said it’s better for us to think outside the box than to be waiting for the allocation before the state could develop it’s infrastructural projects.

He explained that the reasons why there is power outage in the southern senatorial district for the past 15 years is merely playing politics with those people in the area as the government is not ready to pay the debt the BEDC claim they Owe. He said the truth of the matter was that if governent could deposit two-to three hundred million naira, the Southern senatorial district in the state would have light.

Still speaking about the electricity issues, Barrister Lebi said the government is not ready to do the needful. He showed concern about how the people living there especially the business owners, now use Generator on a daily basis. He said he always feels their pain and he implored the government to partner with relevant stakes holders in supplying electricity to people of the southern senatorial district in Ondo State.

On unemployment, Barrister Morayo condemned the rates of unemployment among the Youths in the state. He said the only solution to this mirage was for the government to explored the mineral resources like Bitumen, Gold and other resources in order to create job for the teeming youths.

He said there would be expansion if we try as much as possible to look inward in tapping all these resources to our own advantages.

According to him, if we make more money, we would have more money to establish the businesses and industries.

Similarly, Barrister Lebi said having the right activities for the people in the state are the best thing that could generate employment for the people. He said what the government need is the right political will to keep the ball rolling. He advised the government to revive the Olokola project for the purpose of creating jobs for the good people of Ondo State .

Morayo lebi who is a successful Lawyer and business guru said Ondo State needs the experience of a technocrat like him who have succeeded in his business and have the technical know how in managing both human resources, business and fund.

He further said Ondo State is the richest state in Nigeria but it’s one of the poorest states.

Quoting Dr Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank ADB, Morayo said “Ondo State alone could feed the whole Africa if only we could develop our mineral resources bestowed on us by God. But the reverse is the case.”

He explained that he has a blueprint for tackling the insecurity in the state but he preferred to keep them for now due to the enemies that may likely want to outsmart them.

Speaking of withdrawing from the race, the Ikale born technocrat said “I am not ready to quit my ambition for anybody as I am not a pretender, I am a man of my own. And I will never leave the APC, we built this party together and we will remain here.”

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