Goke Demands Apologies From Mecoyo Mazi

Goke Demands Apologies from Mecoyo Mazi

A Nigerian motivational speaker, Goke Williams, has demanded apologies from Mecoyo, who is a popular Nigerian comedian. This was sequel to the comedian’s abusive words hurled at Zoom Zoom Queen Tracy, a social media motivational speaker–who sounded a note of warning to him following his comment in one of his recent skits on the social media that those who take advice from social media motivational speakers are without brains. Mecoyo made this assertion while making a reference to Bobrisky but went on to generalize his postulation. The comedian in a retailiation did a video where he terribly insulted the lady, Queen Tracy.

Aggrieved by this manner of Mazi, Goke fired back at him in a video that went viral, saying we cannot be happy and do extraordinary things without motivation and that it is a properller for greatness in life. He added that great inventions are as a result of motivation and that it makes people feel on top of the world. Besides, he said it keeps people going in the face of difficulties and limitations and that Motivation is a course at the Harvard University. He stressed the fact that motivational speakers sacrifice a lot for coming on the social media to motivate the general public without receiving money from them, and that they should be respected, adding that they are like small gods.

The motivation speaker, who is also an author, therefore advised Mecoyo to apologize to motivational speakers, and Queen Tracy in particular, as a matter of urgency.

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