Ekiti LG Election: I’m Sure of Victory- Ogunleye

Ekiti LG Election: I’m Sure of Victory- Ogunleye

One of the leading contestants in the forthcoming Local Government election in Ekiti state, who is vying for the Chairmanship position of Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area, Hon. Gbenga Ogunleye said he is so sure of victory in the forthcoming election. In an interview with Francis Adewumi. In this interview a lot of issues were clarified.
“The bottom line is Awo Ekiti indigene becoming the next Local Government Chairman of Irepodun Ifelodun is not negotiable. AWO EKITI LO KAN
Awo needs someone who could make their voice heard at the Local Government, State and the National. This is what I represent and that’s why my people at home prefer me Ogunleye Gbenga Oluwaseun (OGO EKITI) to other contestants”. Excerpts:

We have read many things about you online and from your constituents about your political ambition . How has the campaign been so far ?

Thanks my brother, I’m happy you said you have heard about me on the social media handles and my constituents as one of the contestants for the position of Chairman in Irepodun Ifelodun loycal Government of Ekiti State. That shows I’m not only contesting on the Social media but also known in my Constituency.

Coming to your question . The campaign so far has been interesting . Very very interesting. It has been a learning curve of life for me. As we all know that politics is a school . One keep learning and learning to become a professional in it like our Principal, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR.

A lot of issues have come up along the line which were sorted. Quote me, many will still come up which I believe it’s part of the game .

At the beginning, some people said I’m small to contest for the position of the Local Government Chairman in Irepodun Ifelodun.

Then, help me ask those saying such why I’m small . I think Nigeria constitution is clear on the age to contest for different positions in Nigeria . I’m above 30 years, am I too small to be Local Government Chairman really ?

Some even said my Dad is the Incumbent Vice Chairman of the Local Government and how do I think I can become the Chairman after him ?

Well , I see all these issues as cheap blackmail, help me ask them if I have committed any crime contesting for the position of the Chairman in my Local Government after my Dad’s tenure ? Or have I breached any section of the Nigeria constitution ?
This is the Party I have been working for since 2003 and still serving . In the past , I was working at the grassroot mobilising for APC within Ekiti State . But in this last election, I stepped up my game to the National Level . I formed a group called Ekiti Youths for Bola Ahmed Tinubu 2023 with the like minds, with over 2000 members in Ekiti State and over 10,000 across the southwest and in Nigeria. This is a group that is registered and recognized by APC at the National and at the State level.
I think I have answered this question in one of my previous Publications . Those saying such doesn’t go beyond their immediate environment . I gave an example of H.E Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi of blessed memory. He was Ekiti Deputy Governor and His Daughter RT. Bolaji Egbeyemi Olagbaju is serving presently as the Deputy Speaker in the State House of Assembly and host of others like our incoming Minister, Hon Dele Alake, his son is among the commissioners in Lagos State .
Political ambition or office shouldn’t base on which office has been held by a particular family before . I believe everyone has his or her cross to carry as individual and that is why we also contributed differently . What matters is competency, capacity, experience, capability, trustworthiness and passion to serve the people and exposure.
I think all these and more are what qualifies me more than my co- contestants in the race .

We have been hearing that Igede Ekiti want to produce the next chairman again, not only that , some people said H.E has his favorite who happened to be his friend pegged down for the position you are contesting for .
Answer: Smile
My brother, for Igede to contest for the next Local Government Chairmanship position isn’t a new thing in Politics. We all know that despite APC zoned Presidency to the South, Many Northerners still contested for the same position .
It is part of the game . All I know is Awo Ekiti will be the one to produce next Chairman of Irepodun Ifelodun God’s willing, which I’m trusting God for the ticket .

On the issue of some people claiming H.E Governor Abiodun Abayomi Oyebanji has Zoned the ticket to Igede or has a friend that he wants to give the ticket to .

To be frank with you Sir, I don’t believe such . Our masses Governor has the right to do it but I believe the issue of Awo and igede is beyond that. We are all governors friend in Awo Ekiti. The results of the 2022 Governorship election showed who and who is governors friend .

Beside, we have seeing a situation where someone would claim he is the governors favorite and at the end, such individual would not even have governors contact not to talk of him or her meeting with the governor before.
All I know is our masses Governor understands the game of Politics. He is rooted in Ekiti Politics, he knows what People want . It’s Youth O’clock. This was shown in the just concluded inauguration of the Commissioners in Ekiti. We can see that the majority of the Commissioners are still in their youthful age .If he didn’t impose anyone as Commissioner, how do you think the same man would do such for the Local Government ? I will only advice such individual to stop what could heat up our political system in Irepodun Ifelodun. The case of Efon Local ought to be a lesson to everyone.

How do you overcome the issue of Igede having three wards against Awo one ward ?

We are not disputing that , it’s a fact ,but I believe Awo has the same one ward when H.E Engr. Segun Oni picked Pastor Abiodun Ademilua as the Chairman of Irepodun Ifelodun out of Eleven wards.
Having 3 v 1 ward isn’t the issue here. What we are saying is there should be show of love and understanding between the two communities now that LCDA’S is just taking off.
What is special in the Position of Local Government Chairmanship that Igede can’t give to Awo despite occupying three position presently?

Hope you have heard that some people had gone to connive with Igede that Awo is not settled that the Chairmanships position should be given to Igede ?

Sir, I don’t believe in that , it’s still a rumor in as much we haven’t gotten the evidence in black and white.

Nevertheless, I won’t say it’s not possible, remember the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible, we shall work on the information at our end , If found true , I believe such individual or group won’t find it funny with Awo . They are not representing Awo interest.
Awo Ekiti home and in diaspora are passionate of having the Chairmanship position this time around . We won’t underrate this information because there can’t be fire without smoke . In every rumor there is an element of truth .
The bottom line is Awo Ekiti indigene becoming the next Local Government Chairman of Irepodun Ifelodun is not negotiable. AWO EKITI LO KAN
Awo needs someone who could make their voice heard at the Local Government, State and the National. This is what I represent and that’s why my people at home prefer me, Ogunleye Gbenga Oluwaseun (OGO EKITI) to other contestants.

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