What is so important about Careeredge Institute?
Like it has been said that there is no great nation without great people same is true for skill, there is no great economy without great skills driving it. Every working economy can always be traced back to great skilled dominated by the youth. To mention skill is to discuss the very backbone that makes a working society. The only reason there is high level of unemployment in Nigeria today is the fact that school produces people with mere book knowledge which is not the technical-know-how which really make people solution providers. Careeredge is prepared to train the youth on value added skills to reduce the unemployment in Nigeria.
Why does today’s graduate are not hirable?
One big challenge education poses on graduates in this part of the world is the fact that it lacks imparting of skills on the students. The truth remains that the major causes of unemployment among our vibrant youth is lack of skill to back up their classroom knowledge. Take for instance, it is not news that majority of our computer science graduates know close to nothing about web design and development, which is one of the basic of computer science. The question therefore is how do you think such university graduate can compete favorably with the guy that has diploma in web design and development? Careeredge is open to both undergraduates and graduates who are willing to learn practical skills which will give them chances of getting hired and they can as well operates as self-employed. The reason for unemployment is the fact that our tertiary institution trains students to be job seekers and not job creators.
What is your advice to the youth?
The youth must start looking beyond certificates and start engaging in life changing and solution providing skills, this will not only make them to be self-dependent but, also employers of labour too. Careeredge Institute is one of the best training facilities in Nigeria with competent training consultant with track record in skills acquisition and career development program. Our training is quite affordable and we are prepared to guide the youth to succeed in life.
Do you think Careeredge programs can help the unemployment in Nigeria?
Nothing kills poverty and unemployment in any society more than skill acquisition. A skilled nation is a prosperous one! A lot of individuals depend on other for means of livelihood but, we all know that there is no one person that can totally carter for the other person. This is the reason for so much corruption in our society. The only means out of poverty is to acquire modern skill that provides solution to others need thereby, earning a legitimate living instead of looking up to another who cannot truly meet our needs. Careeredge has all the strategies as an international training institute with well researched materials to train the youth with modern skills to make money. Let me add this, have you not heard that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop?
The reason for high rate of crime in our today’s society is due to low level of productivity among the youth. A young man who is gainfully employed will think twice before participating in any kind of crime. When the young people exact their energy on productive thinking and productive living, the community can go to bed with both eyes closed.
In conclusion, Careeredge Institute is established for this reason, to provide answer to the question of unemployment, to help our youth live a worthy life and to raise a people who are not just employees but, employers in themselves. Careeredge Institute has their headquarters in the United States of America and for the love and passion for his people Modupe Olowodaunsi a Nigerian, US-based philanthropist and an industrialist has thought it worthy to help lift the youth of Ondo State out of poverty and unemployment through service and value added trainings.

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